Week 136 Theme

Single Player Co-op


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100 Weeks Strong!

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Featured Game : Week 130

9 Life Party

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  $50 Prize Winner
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Featured Game : Week 120

Dungeon Janitor

Community Choice 1st Place  
Featured Game : Week 110

Soul Grinder

Community Choice 1st Place  
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Featured Game : Week 100


Community Choice 1st Place  
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Featured: Week 90

Nuclear Dance

Community Choice 1st Place  
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Week 28 : Hot Game Release

Unichrome : A Unicorn Adventure

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March 1st - 7th


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MrJoshuaMcLean is a game music composer and brand new WGJ game reviewer. Learn more about music composition and catch his live WGJ review stream on Twitch.

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Tiger_ J ( aka Tiger_ Joe ) is a game-maker with over a decade's worth of insights to share. Join Tiger_ J for his weekly WGJ game review streams, tutorials, and much more on Twitch.

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Watch a weekly live stream of WGJ games every Sunday on Twitch - Huzzah to YoBro IndieSundies!

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Gareth The Destro

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Upcoming collaborations and events.

Event Name

March 1st - 7th


link : itch.io  >>

Featured Articles


Game Jam Survival Kit #1

Written by WGJ community member, Nielesson Mendonca, this article is full of useful information and insights about game jamming. Give it a look if you're new to rapid game prototyping or before your next game jam.

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Weekly Game Jam

Hosted by Nekomatata Games

The Weekly Game Jam is an online game-making event that runs every week. A new theme is given every Friday and the jam lasts 6 days. Participants create games based on the theme within the given time frame.

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